1962 Uniform Code of Operating Rules – Communicating Signals


16. Each car of a passenger train must be connected with the engine by a communicating signal appliance. When communicating signal appliance fails, conductor will arrange for hand signals to be given engineman approaching all stations and train will proceed to the first point where repairs can be made. Radio may be used in lieu of hand signals.

NOTE: The signals prescribed are illustrated by “o” for short sounds, “__” for longer sounds.

Sound Indication
(a) o o When standing – start.
(b) o o When runing – stop at once.
(c) o o o When standing – back.
(d) o o o When running – stop at next station; where a train is required to flag stop between stations, it indicates stop at next flag stop for that train.
(e) o o o o When standing – apply or release air brakes.
(f) o o o o When running – reduce speed.
(g) o o o o o When standing – recall flagmen.
(h) o o o o o When running – increase speed.
(j) o o o o o o When running – increase train heat.
(k) _____ _____ When running – release sticking brake; look back for hand signal.
(l) __________ Shut off train heat.
(m) o o __ When running – as prescribed by Rule 90.

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2021 Open House Cancelled

Due to Ontario being stuck in phase-3 of COVID reopening, it is with reluctance that the WRMRC executive has decided to cancel our 2021 Fall Open House which was scheduled for October 16th this year.

We had been procrastinating and hoping for better news from the province, but with the occupancy conditions currently in place our club could not reasonably hold a public event.

Phase-3 conditions require us to cap the capacity within our Quonset hut to 25 people, which would have to include the ten or so members volunteering to guide visitors and operate trains. Despite any limit our aisle-ways would prevent proper social distancing, and that cap would obviously cause line-ups before entry. There was also the matter of Ontario’s new vaccine passport system, something we would need to enforce and that none of us wish to police.

In closing, our club recommends you protect yourself and others by following the medical advice of your doctor, and to be vaccinated if you are able to. It is the only way forward for society to return to normal, and for train shows to happen again.

We are hopeful this will all be resolved by the end of March for our club to participate again in the 2022 Doubleheaders Layout Tour, and of course we fully expect to hold our Fall Open House again next October.

Stay safe and stay healthy.

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