1962 Uniform Code of Operating Rules – Hand Signals

12. HAND (including flag and lamp) SIGNALS

Indication Manner of Using
(a) Stop Swung at right angle to track.
(b) Reduce Speed Held horizontally at arm’s length.
(c) Proceed Raised and lowered vertically.
(d) Back Swung vertically in a circle at right angles to the track.
(f) Apply Air Brakes (when standing) Raised and swung horizontally above the head.
(g) Release Air Brakes (when standing) Raised and held at arm’s length above the head.
(h) any object wave violently by any one on or near the track is a signal to stop.

Signals must be given from a point where they can be plainly seen and in such a manner that they cannot be misunderstood. If there is doubt as to the meaning of a signal, or for whom it is intended, it must be regarded as a stop signal.

When switching is being performed, either in road or yard operation, signals should be given, or relayed directly to the engineman. Conductors and yard foremen are responsible for seeing the the work is so organized and that trainmen and yardmen are in proper position to give or relay such signals accordingly.

When cars are being pushed by an engine under control of hand signals, the disappearance from view of the member of the crew or lights by which signals controlling the movement are being given must be regarded as a stop signal.

In the event of failure of radio equipment, or communication is interrupted during switching operations, the movement must be stopped at once and no further movement made, except as authorized by hand signals or until radio communication restored.

Crews of trains or engines clear of main track must not give a proceed signal to an approaching train or engine.

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