Copper Cliff – 2006

Copper Cliff - 2006

Copper Cliff – 2006

The styrofoam scenery base has started to be installed around the spline roadbed. All trackage is handlaid on spline roadbed created from strips of 1/4″ pine. The scenery is made from layers of styrofoam, shaped with a hot wire cutter and rasps. Drywall mud or plaster will be used to do the final surfacing.

Three tracks at left are an Inco nickel ore mine. This mine is not served by CP but by Inco’s own railway operation, so these tracks are not functional on the layout. The track at far right is the Webbwood subdivision main line heading towards Nairn. track that splits off from the main and heads off parallel to the mine tracks is the Copper Cliff industrial spur. This will end up on the very lowest level on the other side of the aisle (below Crean Hill Mine) and service a pair of Inco processing plants. An interchange with Inco’s private railway is also located on this spur.

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