Marelan Turn


Ordered at St. Luc Yard for 0815

Due to depart St. Luc Yard 0830

Operates daily except Sunday.

Obtains connections from

  • First, Second Oil Batches ex CNR Hochelaga
  • Perishables and G.M. traffic from CNR interchange at Parsley
  • 904
  • 928

Blocking order

  • Van
  • Lachute sub locals to Marelan
  • Ste. Therese (G.M. traffic)
  • Ste. Agathe sub locals
  • St. Martin Jct.
  • Laval des Rapides
  • Bordeaux


Due to arrive St. Luc Yard about 1700.

Operating daily except Sundays.


Note: – To be yarded via old St. Luc in order to have multi-levels for Saint John, Penn Central and others turned right for leaving.