3 thoughts on “Romford Jct Signal 713

  1. I don’t know if you guys noticed this, but from this point east the telephone poles only have 4 crossarms along the Cartier stub. At that last pole in the foreground half the wires went south on the Parry Sound sub and the rest carried on to Montreal. There are a few places where there only appear to be two or three crossarms as well. (I realize I’m a little anal about the telephone poles . . .)

    • That telegraph pole in the foreground is in fact the last one with 6 crossarms. We noticed they changed in our reference photos as soon as the Parry Sound Sub split off from the Cartier Sub, with the wires separating in their two directions from that pole. From that point on the Cartier Sub there are 4 crossarms until the Coniston diamond, and then it goes down to 3 crossarms for the remainder between there and North Bay. The Parry Sound Sub had 3 crossarms for its entire 120 mile length. Ya, we fuss about these things too.

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