CP 3002 GMD GP38AC

CP 3002

The model represents a General Motors Diesel Division GP38AC built in 1970 for CP Rail. It started as an Atlas model pre-painted in the 3002’s as-delivered 5-inch ‘candy stripe’ scheme. The unit had the proper Canadian GMDD details added (bell/light/horns) in addition to the more unusual details (for this order) of air-intake snow-shields and an extra set of 4 louvers on the back of the locomotive. These louvers are located on the rear hood access doors, and were necessary for non-standard WABCO airbrakes which CP ordered with these GP38AC’s. The model then had paint and decals touched up after modifications were complete.

It should be noted a GP38AC is basically a standard GP38 with an AR10 alternator instead of the GP38’s normal generator. This became standard equipment with the introduction of the GP38-2 in 1972. The GP38AC should not be confused with current “AC” locomotives equipped with alternating current traction motors.

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