Copper Cliff – 2007

Copper Cliff - 2007

Copper Cliff – 2007

Some of the scenery around Copper Cliff/Creosote has been surfaced and painted. After plastering, we paint the surface with a tan latex and sprinkle on real sand when the paint is wet. Some ballasting has been done on the storage tracks and siding as well.

Copper Cliff on our layout is actually an amalgam of two nearby railway locations, Creosote and Copper Cliff. The storage tracks and industries shown in this photo are actually located within Sudbury at a location named Creosote. Copper Cliff is actually located a little farther west and has another set of storage tracks, a siding/runaround and a train order office. On our layout, these two sidings are blended together, including the industries at Creosote, and the Inco mine and junction with the Copper Cliff industrial spur at Copper Cliff.

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