CP 6591 MLW S-3

CP 6591

CP 6591 was created using a Proto-2000 undecorated S-3 model. Being a late-model S-3 (built in the mid-1950’s) a significant amount of detailing was applied to accurately model the 6591. The unit was then painted and decalled in the 5-inch CP Rail “Candy Stripe” scheme.

Sudbury Yard was the permanent home to four MLW S-2 switchers throughout the 1970’s (all lower numbered 7090-series) for all its shunting needs. However a lower-horsepower S-3 was often found at Sudbury too, for the specific purpose of switching some industrial trackage with lighter rail. Being that the Sudbury Shops were the maintenance point for yard diesels from North Bay, Sault Ste Marie and Chalk River (which all had S-3’s assigned) it was not uncommon to see an S-3 at the diesel tracks in Sudbury during our modelling era.

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