Train 949

Saint John to Montreal

Commodity Priorities

  • Pool
  • Piggybacks
  • Containers
  • Perishables

Saint John (0015)

Obtain traffic from CNR at Island Yard also other local points including
West Saint John.

Fredericton Jct.

Set off and lift.


Add units, set off, lift, marshall.

Car limit – 115 cars.


Customs, set off, lift.




Set off, lift.


Set off, lift.

Montreal (2355)

Arrive 2245 when 937 not operating.

Montreal Placements

Pigs. 0600
Others 0700

Horsepower per E.G.T. Ratio

Saint John to Montreal 1.5

Blocking Order – Saint John to Montreal

  • Van
  • Multi Levels (loads) St. Luc
  • Multi Levels – Toronto
  • Multi Levels (empties) St. Luc
  • McAdam Set off
  • Montreal and Beyond
  • Lachine Piggybacks and Containers
  • Toronto Piggybacks and Containers
  • Rush Toronto loads
  • Thunder Bay and Western Canada
  • Piggybacks for Quebec
  • Newport and South
  • Sherbrooke
  • McAdam Piggybacks
  • MEC Block
  • U.S. Loads
  • Fredericton Junction

Montreal to Winnipeg

Commodity Priority

  • Pool
  • Piggyback
  • Containers
  • Perishables

Montreal (Leave 0030)

Connections – Western Canada ex East Cars ex Place Viger, Outremont, Mount Royal, CNR, St. Henry transfer. Express and Piggybacks ex Lachine.

Car limit ex Montreal 85 cars except Friday 95 cars.

Red Rock

Lift paper.

Thunder Bay

Set out locals including Dryden and Kenora, lift Winnipeg and Beyond.
Placements 0900.

Fuel units, inspect perishables.

Winnipeg (Arrive 1735)

Change or service units.

Inspect and service perishables.

Winnipeg Placements

Pigs. 2215
Pool/Containers 0800

Horsepower per E.G.T. Ratio

Montreal to Winnipeg 1.5

Blocking Order – Montreal to Winnipeg

  • Van
  • Ottawa (Saturday only)
  • Winnipeg and West
  • Saskatoon
  • Edmonton
  • Thunder Bay

Winnipeg to Alyth

Commodity Priorities

  • Pool
  • Piggybacks
  • Containers
  • Perishables

Winnipeg (1735-2330)

Handle Brandon and beyond; Connect with 941, 965,
949 and local outturn.

Consolidate with 965 Winnipeg to Calgary cars.

Car Limit 115 cars.

Pull Times

C.P. Transport 1830
Piggybacks 1900
Freight sheds (pool) 1700


Set out; Lift Regina and beyond

Car limit 100 cars.


Set out; Lift Moose Jaw and beyond.

Connect 972.

Car limit 100 cars.

Moose Jaw (1110-1240)

Set out (including Swift Current, Lethbridge and Medicine Hat); Lift Calgary and beyond.

Inspect and service perishables.

Car limit 100 cars.

Alyth (0010)

Terminate. Vancouver traffic to 901.

Calgary placements

Pigs/Containers 0700
Other 0800

Horsepower to E.G.T. Ratio

Winnipeg to Alyth 1.5

Blocking Order – Winnipeg to Alyth

  • Van
  • Moose Jaw (W-5), Swift Current (W-6), Lethbridge (W-7), Medicine Hat (W-8)
  • Vancouver (W-10)
  • Calgary (W-9), Revelstoke (W-11)
  • Calgary Piggybacks
  • Brandon (W-1), Broadview (W-2)
  • Regina (W-4)