Train 928

Toronto to Montreal

Operates daily except Saturday and Sunday.

Obico (Leave 2130)

Pull Times

Obico Pig Ramp 2040
M&R Forwarders 1830
Ottor Forwarders 1900
Obico Containers 1930

Transfer Connections Arrive Obico

78B Parkdale and Lambton (Boxes and Meat) 1830
60B M&R and Ottor Pool 2000

Smiths Falls

Set off and lift.

Grove Hill (0600)

Horsepower to E.G.T. Ratio

Toronto to Montreal 1.7

Blocking Order

  • Van
  • Ottawa-Smiths Falls (Piggybacks and Box Traffic)
  • Montreal Box Traffic
  • Montreal and Beyond Containers
  • Montreal Piggybacks