Train 921

Toronto to Winnipeg

Commodity Priority

  1. Pool
  2. Piggyback
  3. Containers

Operates Daily except Sunday

Toronto Yard Leave 2045
Parkdale Leave 2215

Transfer connections arrive Parkdale

60B ex Obico (Piggybacks and Containers) 2100
79B ex Mimico (Muirhead) 2145
250B ex Lambton (Car load) 1830
29B Tormon (Pool) 1930
63B ex Cherry St. (Howell) 2030
78B ex Obico (Express and Interline) 2120

Pull Times

Containers 1800
Obico Pig. Ramp 1945
Obico Express 2030
Howell Forwarding 1900
Tormon Freight Terminal 1700
Fast Frate 2000

Obtain connections at Toronto Yard from


Handles priority traffic for Winnipeg preference.


Set out local cars.


Train is handled on main track.

Diesel units are fuelled.

Thunder Bay (2025ET-2015CT)

Lift Piggyback traffic Winnipeg and beyond.

Fuel units, inspect perishables.

Winnipeg (Arrive 0525)

Terminates. Connects with 901965975 and 949.

Winnipeg Placements

Pigs./Containers 0800 Pool 0830

Horsepower to E.G.T. Ratio

Toronto to Winnipeg 2.5

Car Limit: 120 cars (Dec. 15 to March 15 – 70 cars)

Blocking Order

  • Van
  • West of Winnipeg Multi Levels
  • West of Winnipeg Other Traffic
  • Winnipeg Multi Levels
  • Winnipeg Other Traffic
  • Sudbury Set-off