Train 916

Windsor to Montreal

Windsor (Leave 2300)

Connnects with perishable traffic for Montreal


Train handled on main track. Lifts


Train humped.

Perishables inspected and serviced

Train fully marshalled

Takes all East available loads ex Toronto

Obtains Connections from


Lifts Ste. Therese and St. John, NB GM traffic.


Perishables for Sherbrooke and East connect 952.

Perishables for Quebec connect 920

Newport and New England traffic connect 904

Horsepower to E.G.T. Ratio

Windsor to Montreal 1.2

Blocking Order – Windsor to Toronto

  • Van
  • Montreal and Beyond
  • Montreal Perishables
  • Oshawa
  • Chatham lift
  • Galt Lift

Blocking Order – Toronto to Montreal

  • Van
  • Montreal and Beyond
  • Trois Rivieres – Quebec – Shawinigan (including assigned empties)
  • Ste. Therese traffic ex Toronto
  • Oshawa Lift including Ste. Therese traffic on rear of lift
  • Perishables