Train 904

Windsor to Montreal

Windsor (Leave 1200)

Connections made with C&O puller

Connections made with N&W for perishable traffic.

All Newports available forwarded


Lift Montreal and Beyond traffic

Handled on main track

Toronto (1830-1940)

Perishables inspected and serviced

Cars added to head end and rear end

Lifts Montreal and Beyond traffic at Toronto yard

Must handle Montreal Ford Multilevels ex BA Turn

Sets out GM Traffic Oshawa


Lifts General Food traffic for LaSalle

Horsepower to E.G.T. Ratio

Windsor to Montreal 1.4

Blocking Order – Windsor to Toronto

  • Van
  • Montreal and Beyond
  • Perishables (Montreal)
  • Newports
  • Ste. Therese
  • Oshawa

Blocking Order – Toronto to Montreal

  • Van
  • Montreal Multi Levels
  • Containers and Pigs
  • Montreal and Beyond
  • Perishables
  • Newports
  • Ste. Therese
  • Cobourg Traffic

Montreal to White River Jct.

Montreal (Leave 0520)

Connects with 904 ex E.R., 91, 952 & 86


Set off when 918 is not operated.


Change crews, set off, lift, marshall, customs, adjust power.

St. Johnsbury

Set off, reduce power

White River Jct. (B&M) (Arrive 1745)

Leaves on JS4 at 1900

Horsepower to E.G.T. Ratio

Adirondack-Newport Subs 1.6
Lyndonville Subs. 1.1

Blocking Order – Montreal to Newport

  • Van
  • Newport & New England

Blocking Order – Newport to White River Jct.

  • Van
  • Springfields
  • Deerfields
  • White River Jct. Locals and Cars exceeding Plate “C” Dimensions
  • St. Johnsbury and MEC