Train 903

St. Johnsbury to Windsor

St. Johnsbury (0230)

Connects with MEC Ry. 2 due 2345.


Set off, lift, add power, marshall train, customs.


Lift BAR traffic off 933

Montreal (1245-1415)

Connects with 903

Handles only Windsor and Windsor connecting traffic except that a fill-out of Toronto traffic may be made when necessary.

Service perishables

If MEC late, run 903 with Trois Rivieres traffic. Run 2/903 with MEC, BAR and local connections.

Toronto (2300-0310)

Set out Toronto block when necessary and add C&O traffic.

Service perishables

Pull Times

Obico Pig Ramp 1945

Obtains connections from

Windsor (1045)

Connects with C&O morning puller to make C&O 37 connection.

Horsepower to E.G.T. Ratio

Lyndonville Sub. 1.0
Newport Sub. 1.6
Adirondack Sub. 1.6
Montreal to Windsor 1.2

Blocking Order – Montreal to Toronto

903 or sections

  • Van
  • Toronto and Beyond
  • Obico Containers and Piggybacks

Blocking Order – Toronto to Windsor

  • Van
  • DT&I
  • Windsor-Detroit-ETR
  • C&O Windsor
  • DTSL and Wabash