CP 8755 MLW RS-18

CP 8755

CP 8755

8755 is an RS-18 kitbashed from an older Atlas RS-11.

2 thoughts on “CP 8755 MLW RS-18

  1. Great job on the kitbashed CP RS-18. Very well done. I have an Atlas-Kato RS-11
    that will become CP 8769 in the old scheme. Did you use the Miniatures by Eric C-2 RS-11 corners for your RS-18? Again well done and thanks.

    • The corners were filled with styrene. You need to cut into the numberboard notches to get a proper 90 degree angle to start. Then layer styrene pieces and wait a day for the glue to dry. Then sand it down to get the proper profile. I find it much easier to sand two different plastics, versus dealing with the difference in materials in lost-wax brass castings and plastic. The RS-18 numberboards themselves are Miniature by Eric parts though.

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