CP 5021 GMD GP35

CP 5021

CP 5021

CP 5021 was modelled using a Kato GP35 factory painted in the relatively rare “Ogden Multimark” scheme (only 48 units ever wore this variation). This scheme was applied by CP’s Ogden shops (Calgary) to General Motors built diesels during the spring of 1975, and featured the then current “Candy Stripe” 5-inch striping, but with a small Multimark on the back-end (avoiding painting over the radiator section on GM units) and black/white rear striping only applied to the area between the Multimarks. The model is accurate, as the 5021 was one of three GP35’s that wore this scheme.

The Kato model was modified accordingly by applying the appropriate Canadian GMDD nose lights, bell and Nathan K-3 horn. Rear numberboards were also removed and a single-beam hostler back-up light installed. Afterwards the modifications were patched up with new paint and decals, and moderate weathering applied.

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