Sudbury – 2006

Sudbury - 2006

Sudbury – 2006

Physically located in the exact centre of the layout, Sudbury yard is the hub of activity on the layout. Not a division point yard, Sudbury yard existed to support the large amount of industry (primarily mining, forestry and paper making) in the Sudbury basin, as well as the branch line to Sault Ste. Marie and Manitoulin Island. Numerous local trains are operated out of this yard, unit ore and pulpwood trains run to nearby mines, smelters and sawmills and Sudbury was the only place in Canada where the Montreal and Toronto sections of the Canadian were switched.

Scenery in this area is not complete in this view, but the yard itself is fully constructed and operational. The station and division headquarters buildings will be located in the area at left, next to the RDC passenger cars. The red brick building and smoke stack represent the location of the coal-fired power house. The shops facilities are almost as big as the yard itself, and are located behind and to the right of the camera. As for every visible part of the layout, every track and switch in this yard is completely handlaid.

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