Romford – 2006

Romford - 2006

Romford – 2006

This is the largest helix set on the layout, consisting of a double track helix running from Sudbury (tracks entering helix at far right, background) to Romford (top of helix) and a single track helix from Romford to “Toronto” staging yard at very bottom. The two trains on tracks in centre of photo are hidden trackage representing the main line towards western Canada from the opposite end of Sudbury; these tracks will not be visible in this location when scenery is finally completed through this area. The current single track-double track transition in this photo is temporary. The full junction at Romford will eventually replace the temporary switch, with the double track main towards Montreal heading straight through and following above the hidden western tracks. The junction with the single track Parry Sound sub (helix to Toronto staging) will form a large wye at this location.

Note the control panel at bottom left of this photo. This panel controls the double level staging yard that represents Toronto and all other points south of Romford. The control panel for the Romford interlocking will be beside the staging yard control panel. A single operator will control the interlocking and staging yard. Inside the helix itself will be the future home of the Cartier Subdivision dispatcher’s desk.

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