Designated Purpose of Specified Symbol Trains Handling Transcontinental Traffic

Designated Purpose of Specified Symbol Trains Handling Transcontinental Traffic

901 Required to handle high rated truck competitive traffic between major
cities on the main line from Toronto to Vancouver
921 Required to handle high rated truck competitive traffic from Toronto to
Winnipeg, and Piggyback traffic from Thunder Bay to Winnipeg.
965 Required to handle through traffic from Toronto, Southern Ontario and
connections to Western Canada. At Winnipeg traffic off 949 consolidated with
this train and from Winnipeg handles Regina and Vancouver traffic.
953 Required to handle overflow traffic from Southern Ontario to Western Canada.
Terminate Winnipeg and traffic consolidated with 951.
949 Required to handle through freight from Saint John, NB, Montreal and Smiths
Falls to Western Canada.
From Winnipeg handles traffic for Brandon, Regina, Moose Jaw and Calgary.
Vancouver traffic goes over to 965.
951 Required to handle overflow traffic between main line cities from Montreal
to Vancouver. Handles 953’s traffic west of Winnipeg.
902 Required to handle Pacific import traffic and high rated truck competitive
traffic between major cities, Vancouver to Toronto. Montreal traffic is handled
to Winnipeg for connection with 952. Room permitting also handles selected empty
equipment to Eastern Canada.
952 Required to handle traffic from Western Canada points to stations east of
Sudbury as far as Saint John, NB.

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