Train 954

Alyth to Winnipeg

Alyth (Leave 0345)

Handle overflow traffic for East and Prairie Region shorts. Handle Regina cars off 902.

Car limit 120 cars.

Medicine Hat

Set off piggybacks, lift Prairie and East traffic. Connect 994.

Moose Jaw (1755-1925)

Set off west of Winnipeg traffic except Sylvite leased empties; lift Winnipeg and beyond.

Inspect and service perishables.

Car limit 100 cars.


Set out.


Set off Sylvite empties; fill-out Winnipeg and beyond

Car limit 100 cars.

Winnipeg (Arrive 0620)

Change or service units.

Inspect and service perishables.

Horsepower to E.G.T. Ratio

Alyth to Swift Current 1.4 Swift Current to Winnipeg 1.2

Blocking Order – Alyth to Winnipeg

  • Van
  • Winnipeg and East
  • Sylvite Empties
  • Prairie Region Shorts
  • Medicine Hat Piggybacks

Winnipeg to Toronto

Winnipeg (0620-1010)

Handle Thunder Bay and East traffic.

Connect with incoming train and overflow from 902 and 952.

Car limit 100 cars.


Lift concentrates.

Thunder Bay (2050CT-2240ET)

Set out and lift.

Fuel units, inspect perishables.

Car limit 100 cars.


Perishable traffic inspected and serviced.


East and South traffic segregated.

Set out east of Sudbury traffic for connection train 974.

Lift any south of Sudbury traffic available.

Toronto Yard (arrive 1035)


  • Ex Lambton
  • 19A to Parkdale (Perishables)
  • Pig Extra to Obico


Sets off perishables and other rush cars at Lambton.

Horsepower to E.G.T. Ratio

Winnipeg to Cartier 1.4
Cartier to Toronto 1.0

Blocking Order – Winnipeg to Toronto

  • Van
  • Thunder Bay
  • Sudbury traffic inc. Perishables
  • Empty multi levels
  • Perishables except Sudbury
  • Ottawa-North Bay-Montreal and East
  • Toronto and Beyond
  • Piggybacks and Containers
  • South of Sudbury locals