1962 Uniform Code of Operating Rules – Protection of Impassable or Slow Track


40. (a) Before undertaking any work that may render the main track unsafe for movements at normal speed, or if rendered unsafe from any cause, trackmen, bridgemen or other employees must provide protection by sending out a flagman with flagman’s signalsin each direction at least 2000 yards from the defective or working point.

(b) After going out the required distance, flagman must take up a position where there will be a clear view of him from an approaching train of, if possible, 500 yards, first placing torpedoes not more than 100 nor less than 50 yards apart to cause two explosions at least 200 yards beyond such position.

(c) Flagmen must not return until recalled or relieved.

(d) If necessary to go beyond the required distance, flagman will leave the torpedoes at the required distance, but under such conditions must also place torpedoes at the point at which an approaching train is flagged.

(e) On the approach of a train flagman must display stop signals, using lighted fusees at night or in obscure weather.

(f) Trains stopped by a flagman will be governed by his instructions, and on reaching the defective or working point will there be governed by the foreman in charge.

(g) Flagmen must each be equipped for day time with:

A red flag on a staff
At least eight torpedoes and
Seven red fusees; and

For night time and when weather or other conditions obscure daytime signals,

A red light,
A white light,
A supply of matches,
At least eight torpedoes and
Seven red fusees.

41. On subdivisions or portions thereof specified in the timetable or special instructions, Rule 40 may be modified as follows:

(a) By day place a red flag and, in addition, by night a red light between the rails 200 yards in each direction from the defective or working point, and place torpedoes on each rail to cause one explosion 200 yards beyond the red signals, also:

(b) By day place a red over red flag and in addition, by night, a yellow light and a red light at least 2000 yards in each direction from the defective or working point to the right of the track as seen from an approaching train, and place torpedoes not more than 100 nor less than 50 yards apart to cause two explosions 200 yards beyond these signals.

(c) Trains approaching the signals prescribed by clause (b) must stop, replace the torpedoes and proceed to the red signal prescribed by clause (a) prepared to stop and there be governed by instructions or signal of the flagman, but must not proceed until the red signal has been removed in the clear view of the engineman.

NOTE: The red signal must not be removed except as authorized by the foreman in charge.

(d) When weather or other conditions obscure day signals night signals must be used in addition.









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