1962 Uniform Code of Operating Rules – Time Tables


4. Each time table, from the moment it takes effect, supersedes the preceding timetable, and its schedules take effect on any subdivision at the leaving time at their initial stations on such subdivision; but when a schedule of the preceding time table corresponds in

  • Number
  • Class
  • Day of Leaving
  • Direction
  • Initial and Terminating Stations

with a schedule of the new time table, a train authorized by the preceding time table will retain its train orders and assume the schedule of the corresponding number of the new time table.

Schedules on each subdivision date from their initials stations on such subdivision.

Not more than one schedule of the same number and day shall be in effect on any subdivision.

NOTE: “Day of Leaving” is the day of the week the schedule authorizes a train to leave its initial station on the subdivision.

4A. Notice of new time table or supplement will be bulletined at least seventy-two hours prior to and, unless otherwise directed, for six days after it takes effect.

Agents, or yardmasters and locomotive foremen, where employed must take receipt on prescribed form for new time tables and supplements. They must know that yard foremen and yard enginemen are provided with copies before commencing work.

5. Not more than two times are given for a train at any station; where one is given it is the leaving time, except at terminating stations it is the arriving time; where two, they are the arriving and leaving times.

Unless otherwise specified by special instructions, time applies:

  • On single track – at the siding switch where an opposing train clears; where there is no siding designated, it applies at the station.
  • On two or more tracks – at the station.

Schedule meeting or passing stations are indicated by figures in full-faced type.

Both the arriving and leaving times of a train are in full-faced type when both are meeting or passing times or when one or more trains are to meet or pass it between those times.

When trains are to be met or passed at a siding extending between two adjoining stations, the time at each station shall be shown in full-faced type.

Where there are one or more trains to meet or pass a train between two times, or more than one train to meet a train at any station, attention is called to it by small figures showing the numbers of trains to be met or to pass.

6. The following symbols will be used in the timetable to indicate:

  • * – See footnote
  • B – Bulletins and Train Register
  • C – Fuel
  • F – Flag stop to receive or discharge traffic
  • K – Standard Clock, Bulletins and Train Register
  • P – Telephone
  • R – Train Register
  • S – Regular Stop
  • V – Station Protection Signal. On both sides of station name indicates signals on both side of station. When preceding station name, signal is east or south of the station. When following station name, signal is west or north of station.
  • W – Water
  • X – Crossover
  • Y – Wye
  • Z – Yard limits

Train order offices will be indicated by office signals.

The location of interlockings, Limits of Two or More Tracks, Automatic Block Signal Systems, Electric Staff Block Systems, Manual Block Systems, Centralized Traffic Control, or Movement by Signal Indication will be indicated in the time table and when practicable, shown within brackets on either side of the station column.

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