Nairn – 1999

Nairn – 1999

“Pineland” helix (connecting Nairn and the Pineland spur, and Nairn and McKerrow) and benchwork for Nairn under construction, early 1999.

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  1. What a incredible layout, I just happened to stumble across while looking for something else. Serendipity. I live in Sudbury, just west of the downtown, but grew up in Coniston and I’ve always said that it was possibly the best place in Canada to watch trains. With the exception of CN trains travelling to and from Ottawa to the North, terminating at Capreol, every train that crossed Canada passed through my little town. Plus the daily Falconbridge and Inco trains. Born in ’63, this layout is my youth, I am recently retired and starting to pick up the hobby again, with some luck in my travels I’ll be able to visit in person in the not so distant future.

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